How online educational platforms help students in learning math?

There are many calculators, as it is quite essential for the students to learn integration to solve the questions of the calculus. Integration is opposite to derivations, and the whole process of derivation is totally reversed in antiderivatives. An antiderivative calculator is being used to solve the questions of the integration. There are other types of integrations like double integrations in the cartesian coordinates, we solve the double integration by the integral calculator by We need to understand the procedure of the antiderivative calculator, as it is quite essential. 

How online educational platforms help students in learning math
How online educational platforms help students in learning math

For solving the definite integrals we need to use the antiderivative calculator. The same goes for the indefinite integral, we are using the indefinite integral calculator. For our better understanding of the integration process, it is best to use the integration by parts calculator. For a better understanding of the integrations, calculate integral by parts to separate each step of the integrations. Evaluate the integral in steps and create a better understanding of the integration process. This would make the whole procedure easier for you.

The Meracalculator’s antiderivative calculator is a simple interface tool for solving the integrations. It is a straightforward tool, and you don’t need special information about the integrations to solve the integrals. Its rating is 4.6 out of 5 and it is totally free of cost and you can use it on the Windows platform to solve the integrals.


The WordMat antiderivative calculator rating is 4.5 out of 5 and it is free of cost. WordMat integrates with Microsoft Word and it increases its usability. It is a plugin and allows the user to solve the integrations functions and equations. It also supports the linear regression and graph plotting of the integrations. The online device also supports statistics and probabilities.


The FuntionalCalcultor integral calculator rating is 4.3 out of 5 and it is free of cost and a downloadable tool. It is using Mathematical equations to solve Math problems. It is an open-source software useful for high school students. It has a syntax that can be used in combinations with other devices.


The Deadline rating is 4.3 out of 5 and it is a free and downloadable integral tool. It is specially designed for engineering students, and has the know-how of mathematical functions. It calculates the integrals correctly and supports solving the definite and the indefinite integrals.

GNU Octave

The GNU Octave is an integral calculator with a rating of 4 out of 5 and a free and open-source antiderivative calculator. It is specially designed to solve Math problems and is compatible with Matlab. It is commonly used to solve integration functions. It also has the ability to run on the Mac platform.

The integral calculators are simple to use online downloadable apps and make the integration process easy for the students to understand. Students do learn the integration of the definite and indefinite integral easily when using such integration tools.

Application of the integrals  

There are multiple applications of the integral in different fields:

Use in architecture

By using the integral of multiple variables, we can find the material requirement in a curved surface like a dome, we can exactly calculate the amount of material required in a dome by using the  integral calculator. Students do learn the integration of the definite and indefinite integral easily when using such integration tools.

In the field of electrical engineering

We can find the length of a power cable for making a transmission line between two power stations. An online integral calculator can be used to find the length of the cable.

In the field of medicine

We can find the spread of diseases by the integral method, how quickly the disease is going to spread, the origin of the disease, this can be great to eradicate the infectious diseases. 

In statistics

In stat, the projections of the integral can be used to estimate the result of the survey and to determine the possible outcome of a projection. The surveys are important to know the demographic of an area. Companies conduct a survey to know the needs and wants of a marketplace. 


The integration and derivation are the most doable concepts in calculus as you are going to solve them for finding the slope of the line. The online integral calculator can be a great source to identify the various integral and their expected answer by the online tool. It would make sure that you can learn the integration without any difficulty as it is impossible to do the question of the calculus without integration and derivation. You need to be expert in both the concepts to learn calculus.

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