How to Convert Image to Text On Windows 10/11 (Best Text Extractors)

There are certain places where you need to grab the text from the images, this is where the right image text extraction tool plays a vital role. However, there are innumerable ways available around the internet, but choosing one or even more seems a challenging task. For your convenience, we shortlisted a few best tools that let you extract text from images without any distraction and even free of cost. 

Give a read to this context to unfold the question of how to convert image to text on Windows 10/11 for free. 

For Your Information: OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a legitimate and incredible function that is taken into account to transform scanned documents or images into easy-to-read files. To experience OCR-based image text extraction, you can try this text extractor that swiftly processes conversions online. 

Convert Image to Text

Extract the Text From Microsoft Power Toys

It is referred to as the robust inbuilt capability of Microsoft that is packed with greater productivity on Windows 10 and 11. This also works as an easy-to-navigate image-to-text converter that lets you copy text from the existing images on both Windows 10 and 11. These are the steps that you have to follow for making text extraction using Power Toys. 

  • First of all, you need to make an installation for Power Toys on your Windows device
  • Then, simply launch this program on your gadget
  • Make click on the given Text Extractor option that is placed on the left side, enable its toggle switch
  • Once this text extractor is enabled, you simply need to open the image
  • Very next, you have to press the keyboard shortcut “Windows key + Shift + T”
  • Then, you need to choose the text that you decided to extract from the image and this program will automatically be copied on the clipboard
  • Finally, the text is properly copied now and pasted into your desired location

Extract Text Using OneNote

OCR is the patent process that is mainly built to boost the extraction of texts from existing images. Follow these given steps by OneNote to convert your picture to text on Windows 10/11.

  • To start, click on Windows + S and type OneNote. Then, you ought to press Open to swiftly launch OneNote on your device
  • Then, you have to make click on the given insert tab that lets you add a picture
  • An insert picture window prompt on the main screen. Then, you ought to choose the image that you need to extract from and simply insert it into the Notepad
  • Once your existing image is properly imported, make a right click on it
  • Now, you need to choose the Copy Text From Picture option from the drop-down menu
  • Finally, you need to click anywhere on the blank area and simply press the Ctrl + V for pasting the extracted text. However, you may need some manual intervention for formatting the extracted text with the image text extractor

Extract Text Using Google Docs

Google Docs not only assists in document management, but it also works as the best image text extraction for extracting text from images on Windows 10/11. you just ought to upload the image file to Google Drive and then simply open it with Google Docs which lets you make a transformation from image to text for free. Stick with these easy-to-navigate processes to learn how it works as a photo-to-text conversion source. 

  • At first, you need to open the Google Drive on your device 
  • Very next, simply make click on the New button from the existing drop-down menu and commence further by choosing the file upload option.
  • Once the image is fully uploaded in Google Drive, make an instant right-click on it and navigate with Open it with Google Docs.
  • Fortunately, the image with text is uploaded into Google Docs, and the fully extracted text by this text extractor is below the image.

Use Cardscanner for Text Extraction

This online web-based program is packed with a free text extractor that takes care of converting images to text without any formatting disruption. The following steps let you extract & copy text from the uploaded image files. 

  • Add an image or copy & paste one or upto 20 images at once that you want to convert
  • Strat resizing and cropping each image individually (if required) or click Convert 
  • Copy extracted text right now with a single go or simply download the text in different formats

Use Prepostseo Image to Text Converter

Prepostseo offers the best and full-fledged text extractor that lets you extract text from official documents, web pages, and images effortlessly.  Use this tool and follow these steps to copy text from the uploaded image files.

  • At first, you ought to copy-paste the image or simply drag & drop it into the designated toolbox
  • If you have the URL of the image, you  can paste the URL
  • Hit the Submit button and let this text extractor start uploading
  • Finally, the text from the added images has been successfully extracted
  • All you need to copy the text to the clipboard and make a single click to download the extracted text file into the desired document format
  • And, when it comes to converting the text from an image to another language, you ought to make a selection for other languages from the given side panel

Use Image to Text OCR Extension

Extracting text from the images is pretty simple with the assistance of this image to text OCR extension, let’s take a look at what you need to do:

  • To start, you simply have to add the image to text (OCR) extension from the Chrome web-store
  • Right after landing on the extension page, you need to make click on the “Add to Chrome” button
  • Then, launch it and make an instant hit on the given extension icon
  • Very next, it’s time to make a selection for the image file that you need to convert into text
  • Once your image file is uploaded, you can find that the text will start appearing on the right side of the main interface

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