Streamlining Your Workflow: Top 6 Methods to Convert JPG to PDF

In today’s world, the need to convert JPG to PDF has become an immensely important and routine task for both individuals and professionals. No matter whether you are going to preserve the image quality, create a PDF, or gather visual data, the conversion from JPG images to PDFs is indicated as a valuable task. In this informative article, we are going to explore different methods that seamlessly convert JPG to PDF documents without any human intervention. 


Its PDF (Online PDF Converter)

There are innumerable web-based online tools available that provide quick and hassle-free ways to change JPG images into PDFs, but itsPDF is the best choice. It mainly requires a couple of steps to convert JPG to PDF online without compromising the formatting as well as the quality of the file. Some well-known and authorized online JPG to PDF converters included Zamzar, Online2PDF, and SmallPDF.  Along with its pdf, these platforms provide you with a user-friendly and straightforward interface, optional compression, and comes with the ability of batch file conversion. 

Google Drive

If you are seeking an integrated solution to convert JPG to PDF without any hassle, then Google Drive is the most efficient method. You simply require uploading your JPG files into your Google Drive, choosing the images that you decided to turn, and make an instant right-click to open the context menu. From there, you ought to choose the “Open With” option and choose Google Docs. Once your image files are in a Google Docs file, simply move to the “File” > “Download” > “PDF Document ” for saving your images as a PDF format. 

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is referred to as another full-fledged method in this list that functions to convert JPG to PDF free. Start with inserting your JPG files into a MS Word document, you ought to ensure that the arrangement of the image is as desired, and then just save the document. For saving it as a PDF, simply navigate to “File” > “Save As” and make a choice for the PDF as the required document format. This method takes place specifically when you decide to combine images with textual content. 

Online Image Editors

You can find that there are some image editors that entertain you with the function to convert JPG to PDF format. Try platforms including Photopea, Pixlr, and Fotor for swiftly importing your images, arrange them as your preferred order, and then simply save the project as a PDF file. This is one of the super-fast approaches if you require proceeding with basic editing or rearranging images prior to transforming them.

Browser Print Function

Most modern web browsers assist you to “print” web pages as PDF files, which can also be taken into account to convert JPG to PDF. You just require to make right-click on the image that you want to turn, choose “Print” and in the given print dialog, you have to choose the “Save as PDF” option. This method is depicted as the quickest way to transform your existing JPEG images into PDFs without huge human intervention. 

Mobile Apps

If you want to transform JPG photos into an editable PDF document on a single go, mobile applications are indicated as the convenient solution. You can start with Adobe Scan, Camscanner, and Office Lens, which lets you capture images with a mobile camera, enhance image quality, and then swiftly save them as PDF documents. The upside is that these applications are often packed with OCR technology and work efficiently for digitizing documents. 


No matter what reason you have to convert JPG to PDF, an online conversion method is revealed as the best solution to make swift conversions. In addition to that, you can proceed with any one of the above-mentioned methods for converting your existing images into searchable PDFs without any cost. 

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