Odisha and NDDB Sign ₹52 Crore MoU to Establish State-of-the-Art Vaccine Facility in Ganjam District

The Odisha Biological Products Institute in Berhampur to House the Advanced Facility for Anthrax and ENT Vaccines Production

Odisha government partners with NDDB to build a ₹52 crore vaccine production facility in Ganjam district, located at OBPI in Berhampur, aimed at enhancing vaccine production capabilities and addressing the growing demand for anthrax and enterotoxaemia vaccines.

Once operational, the facility targets an annual production of 2 crore doses of enterotoxaemia (ENT) vaccine and 50 lakh doses of anthrax spore vaccine (ASV), fostering self-sufficiency in Odisha and potential vaccine supply to other states.

Odisha Minister Ranendra Pratap Swain underscores the initiative’s importance, highlighting its role in meeting the state’s vaccine needs and contributing to the broader goal of supplying vaccines to neighboring regions.

The existing satellite unit at OBPI currently produces 22 lakh doses of ASV and 14 lakh doses of ENTV annually. The new facility is expected to significantly boost production capacity to meet rising vaccine demands.

Anticipated completion within 36 months signifies a crucial step towards reinforcing healthcare infrastructure, achieving self-sufficiency, and ensuring wider accessibility to essential vaccines in Odisha.

ENTV (Enterotoxaemia Vaccine) Benefits:

ENTV is designed to protect animals, particularly ruminants like sheep and goats, from enterotoxaemia, a bacterial disease that affects the intestines and can lead to sudden death.

ASV (Anthrax Spore Vaccine) Benefits:

ASV is formulated to protect animals from anthrax, a serious bacterial infection that can affect various mammals, including livestock.

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