List of chief ministers of Odisha [1937 – 2024]

Since April 1946, Odisha has elected 14 chief ministers, with the current longest-serving, Naveen Patnaik, taking office in March 2000 as a member of the Biju Janata Dal party. Odisha has experienced President’s rule six times in a brief period, with the primary ruling parties being Congress and Biju Janata Dal.

NameTerm of officeAssemblyParty
Krushna Chandra Gajapati1 April 193719 July 1937109 days1st
Bishwanath Das19 July 19376 November 19392 years, 108 daysIndian National Congress
Krushna Chandra Gajapati24 November 194130 June 19442 years, 213 daysIndependent
Harekrushna Mahatab23 April 194625 January 19503 years, 277 days2nd
Indian National Congress
Harekrushna MahatabEast Bhadrak26 January 195012 May 1950107 days2nd
Indian National Congress
Nabakrushna ChoudhuriBarchana12 May 195020 February 19526 years, 160 days
20 February 195219 October 19561st(1952 election)
Harekrushna MahatabSoro19 October 195625 February 19614 years, 129 days
6 April 195725 February 19612nd(1957 election)
(President’s rule)
N/A25 February 196123 June 1961N/A
Biju PatnaikChoudwar23 June 19612 October 19632 years, 101 days3rd(1961 election)Indian National Congress
Biren MitraCuttack City2 October 196321 February 19651 year, 142 days
Sadashiva TripathyOmerkote21 February 19658 March 19672 years, 15 days
Rajendra Narayan Singh DeoBolangir8 March 19679 January 19713 years, 307 days4th(1967 election)Swatantra Party
(President’s rule)
N/A11 January 19713 April 1971N/A
Bishwanath DasRourkela3 April 197114 June 19721 year, 72 days5th(1971 election)Independent
Nandini SatpathyCuttack14 June 19723 March 1973262 daysIndian National Congress
(President’s rule)
N/A3 March 19736 March 1974N/A
Nandini SatpathyDhenkanal6 March 197416 December 19762 years, 285 days6th(1974 election)Indian National Congress
(President’s rule)
N/A16 December 197629 December 1976N/A
Binayak AcharyaBerhampur29 December 197630 April 1977122 daysIndian National Congress
(President’s rule)
N/A30 April 197726 June 1977N/A
Nilamani RoutrayBasudevpur26 June 197717 February 19802 years, 236 days7th(1977 election)Janata Party
(President’s rule)
N/A17 February 19809 June 1980N/A
Janaki Ballabh PatnaikAthagarh9 June 198010 March 19859 years, 181 days8th(1980 election)Indian National Congress
10 March 19857 December 19899th(1985 election)
Hemananda BiswalLaikera7 December 19895 March 199088 days
Biju PatnaikBhubaneswar5 March 199015 March 19955 years, 10 days10th(1990 election)Janata Dal
Janaki Ballabh PatnaikBegunia15 March 199517 February 19993 years, 339 days11th(1995 election)Indian National Congress
Giridhar GamangLaxmipur17 February 19996 December 1999292 days
Hemananda BiswalLaikera6 December 19995 March 200090 days
Naveen PatnaikHinjili5 March 200016 May 200423 years, 310 days12th(2000 election)Biju Janata Dal
16 May 200421 May 200913th(2004 election)
21 May 200921 May 201414th(2009 election)
21 May 201429 May 201915th(2014 election)
29 May 2019Incumbent16th(2019 election)

List of chief ministers of Odisha

List of Chief Minister of Odisha
List of Chief Minister of Odisha (1937 – 2024)

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