Nabin Odisha Magic Card: Benefits, Eligibility, How To Apply

The Odisha Naveen Magic Card issued by the Odisha government has brought various opportunities to the students like financial assistance, discounted travel, online tuition. Students can get various awards for good academic performance, involvement in social work and participation in extra-curricular activities. Students can earn four different labels – Regular, Silver, Gold and Platinum – based on their achievements.

Nabin Odisha Magic Card

What is the Nabin Odisha Magic Card?

The Nabin Odisha Magic Card is an innovative program by the Odisha Government designed to enhance education and ensure fairness for all students in the state. It goes beyond being a mere ID card; it’s a recognition and reward system for students based on their academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and community involvement.

This card serves as a gateway to various educational resources, personal and professional development opportunities, and an array of benefits tailored to individual performance.

Who can get the Magic Card?

Initially, the Nabin Odisha Magic Card is accessible to students pursuing general undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) courses (non-technical) across government, aided, and private institutions enrolled through the SAMS portal. However, the coverage and eligibility criteria can be extended in the future as per requirements.

Decisions regarding expansions are made by the State Level Monitoring Committee, chaired by the Development Commissioner, ensuring adaptability to include more students under the scheme as needed.

How does the Magic Card work?

The card operates on a point-based system, rewarding students for their academic excellence, behavior, and participation in extracurricular and community activities. Accumulating points enables students to upgrade to Silver, Gold, or Platinum cards, unlocking various benefits such as travel discounts, phone recharges, access to online courses, and more.

The card encourages students to excel academically and beyond, offering financial aid and additional perks to support their educational journey and future aspirations.

Different Types Of Nabin Odisha Magic Cards

Different Types Of Nabin Odisha Magic Cards

What are the benefits of the Magic Card?

The benefits span across a wide range of facilities and opportunities, including travel concessions, digital learning resources, personality development workshops, career counseling, and job placement opportunities.

Additionally, students gain access to various amenities such as Wi-Fi, e-libraries, coaching classes, volunteering options, and even priority loans for entrepreneurial endeavors.

The government collaborates with the private sector to enhance benefits, making the Magic Card a comprehensive tool for youth empowerment and engagement.

How do I register for the Magic Card?

Simply tap on “ENROLL NOW” to access the registration form. Provide your AADHAAR number and SAMS barcode number for verification. In case you lack the SAMS barcode, reach out to your college’s administration office for assistance.

Once registered, you’ll receive a confirmation message. Card distribution is slated to commence from August 15th, 2024, granting access to benefits portal.

How to Apply Nabin Odisha Magic Card

Applying for the Nabin Odisha Magic Card: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Access the Registration Form:
    • Visit the official website dedicated to the Nabin Odisha Magic Card program at
    • Locate and click on the “ENROLL NOW” button to access the registration form.
  2. Provide Personal Information:
    • Enter your AADHAAR number accurately into the designated field.
    • Input your SAMS barcode number for verification purposes.
  3. Verification Process:
    • Ensure the accuracy of the provided information before submitting the form.
    • Double-check that your AADHAAR and SAMS barcode numbers are correct to avoid any delays in the verification process.
  4. Confirmation Message:
    • After submitting the registration form, wait for a confirmation message.
    • Once received, it indicates that your registration has been successfully processed.
  5. Distribution Schedule:
    • Note the commencement date for the distribution of the Magic Card, set to begin on August 15th, 2024.
    • Be prepared to collect your card and gain access to the benefits portal on or after this date.
  6. Follow-Up:
    • Stay updated on any further instructions or notifications provided by the authorities regarding the Magic Card distribution process.
    • In case of any issues or queries, contact the relevant administrative office at your educational institution for assistance.

Are there any benefits for faculties and institutions?

Yes, faculties and institutions with higher Magic Card grades receive additional perks, including professional development opportunities, research grants, and more.

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