Odia Barnamala (Odia alphabet) ଓଡିଆ ବର୍ଣ୍ଣମାଳା (Swarabarna, Byanjan Barna)

Odia Barnamala, also known as Odia alphabet, consists of 49 letters (50 if you include “କ୍ଷ”). It has 11 vowels (called Swarabarna) and 38 consonants (Byanjan Barna).

Odia Barnamala: A Guide for Students and Competitive Exam

Odia Barnamala
Odia Barnamala


The 11 Swarabarna are:

  • ଆ (a)
  • ଇ (i)
  • ଉ (u)
  • ଈ (i)
  • ଔ (o)
  • ଏ (e)
  • ଓ (o)
  • ଆଁ (ā)
  • ଇଁ (ī)
  • ଉଁ (ū)
  • ଈଁ (ī)
  • ଔଁ (ō)
  • ଏଁ (ē)
  • ଓଁ (ō)

The Swarabarna can be pronounced without the help of any other letter.


Byanjan Barna

The 38 Byanjan Barna are:

  • କ (ka)
  • ଖ (kha)
  • ଗ (ga)
  • ଘ (gha)
  • ଙ (nga)
  • ଚ (ca)
  • ଛ (cha)
  • ଜ (ja)
  • ଝ (jha)
  • ଞ (nya)
  • ଟ (ṭa)
  • ଠ (ṭha)
  • ଡ (ḍa)
  • ଢ (ḍha)
  • ଣ (ṇa)
  • ତ (ta)
  • ଥ (tha)
  • ଦ (da)
  • ଧ (dha)
  • ନ (na)
  • ପ (pa)
  • ଫ (pha)
  • ବ (ba)
  • ଭ (bha)
  • ମ (ma)
  • ଯ (ya)
  • ୟ (yā)
  • ର (ra)
  • ଲ (la)
  • ଳ (ḷa)
  • ଈ (ḹa)
  • ଶ (sa)
  • ଷ (ṣa)
  • ହ (ha)
  • ଈ (hā)
  • କ୍ଷ (kṣa)

The Byanjan Barna can be pronounced with the help of Swarabarna.

Byanjan barna
Byanjan barna

This is just a basic introduction to the Odia alphabet. For more detailed information, please refer to a comprehensive Odia grammar book.

Understanding Odia Barnamala (Odia Alphabet) is essential for anyone who identifies as Odia, including college students who may not be familiar with the complete Oriya alphabet names. This post serves as a valuable resource for such individuals.


  1. How many letters are there in the Odia Barnamala?

    The Odia Barnamala contains 49 letters, and if you include “କ୍ଷ,” it totals 50 letters.

  2. What are Swarabarna in Odia, and how many are there?

    Swarabarna are vowels in Odia, and there are 11 of them. These can be pronounced independently without the need for any other letters.

  3. What are Byanjan Barna in Odia, and how many are there?

    Byanjan Barna are consonants in Odia, and there are 38 of them. These can be pronounced in combination with the Swarabarna to form words and syllables in the language.

I hope this information is helpful for students and those who are preparing for competitive examinations.

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