Solar System All Planets Name In Odia

Our solar system is a vast and fascinating place, made up of a star (the Sun / ସୂର୍ୟ / Surya), eight planets, and many other objects such as moons, comets, and asteroids. The planets are all named after Roman gods and goddesses, and their Odia names are as follows:

All Planets Name of Solar System In Odia

English NameOdia Name
Mercury (ମରକ୍ୟୁରୀ)ବୁଧ (Budha)
Venus (ଭେନସ)ଶୁକ୍ର (Shukra)
Earth  (ଆର୍ଥ)ପୃଥିବୀ (Prithibi)
Mars (ମାର୍ସ)ମଙ୍ଗଳ (Mangala)
Jupiter (ଯୁପିଟର)ବୃହସ୍ପତି (Brihaspati)
Saturn (ସଟନ)ଶନି (Shani)
Uranus (ୟୁରେନସ)ଅରୁଣ (Aruna) ୟୁରେନସ (Uranus)
Neptune (ନେପ୍ଚ୍ୟୁନ)ବରୁଣ (Baruna) ନେପ୍ଚ୍ୟୁନ (Neptune)

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The order of the planets from closest to the Sun to farthest is:

  1. Mercury: ବୁଧ (Budha)
  2. Venus: ଶୁକ୍ର (Shukra)
  3. Earth: ପୃଥିବୀ (Prithibi)
  4. Mars: ମଙ୍ଗଳ (Mangala)
  5. Jupiter: ବୃହସ୍ପତି (Brihaspati)
  6. Saturn: ଶନି (Shani)
  7. Uranus: ଅରୁଣ (Aruna) ୟୁରେନସ (Uranus)
  8. Neptune: ବରୁଣ (Baruna) ନେପ୍ଚ୍ୟୁନ (Neptune)

Each planet in our solar system is unique, with its own characteristics and features. For example, Mercury is the smallest planet and closest to the Sun, while Jupiter is the largest planet and has a Great Red Spot that is larger than Earth. Venus is the hottest planet, while Uranus and Neptune are the coldest. Earth is the only planet known to support life.

Learning about the planets in our solar system is a great way to learn more about the universe and our place in it. It is also a lot of fun! There are many resources available online and in libraries to help you learn more about the planets, including their Odia names.

All Planets Name of Solar System In Odia
All Planets Name of Solar System In Odia

In Solar System

1. ସୂର୍ଯ (Surya) – The Radiant Sun Our journey begins with the heart of our solar system, the Sun. In Odia, it’s called “ସୂର୍ଯ (Surya).” This luminous star provides us with warmth, light, and the energy essential for life on Earth.

2. ବୁଧ (Budha) – The Mysterious Mercury Moving inward, we encounter “ବୁଧ (Budha),” or Mercury. This small, rocky planet is known for its swift orbit around the Sun.

3. ଶୁକ୍ର (Shukra) – The Evening Star, Venus Next up is “ଶୁକ୍ର (Shukra),” or Venus. It’s often referred to as the Evening Star due to its bright presence in the evening sky.

4. ପୃଥିବୀ (Prithibi) – Our Beloved Earth Of course, we cannot forget our own home planet, Earth, which is called “ପୃଥିବୀ (Prithibi)” in Odia. It’s the only known celestial body to support life as we know it.

5. ମଙ୍ଗଳ (Mangala) – The Red Planet, Mars “ମଙ୍ଗଳ (Mangala)” is Mars in Odia, known for its distinctive reddish appearance. It has long fascinated scientists with its potential for exploration.

6. ବୃହସ୍ପତି (Brihaspati) – The Mighty Jupiter Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, is known as “ବୃହସ୍ପତି (Brihaspati)” in Odia. Its massive size and striking appearance make it a prominent feature in our night sky.

7. ଶନି (Shani) – The Ringed Wonder, Saturn “ଶନି (Shani)” is Saturn in Odia, renowned for its captivating rings. It’s a planet that has mystified astronomers for centuries.

8. ଅରୁଣ (Aruna) – The Unconventional Uranus Moving further out, we encounter “ଅରୁଣ (Aruna),” or Uranus. It’s unique among the planets in our solar system due to its sideways rotation.

9. ବରୁଣ (Baruna) – The Distant Neptune Our journey concludes with “ବରୁଣ (Baruna) ,” or Neptune. As the farthest known planet from the Sun, Neptune’s deep blue hue adds a touch of enchantment to our solar system.

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