List of Education Boards in Odisha

In the state of Odisha, India, there are several education boards responsible for overseeing different levels of education. As of my last knowledge update in September 2023, here is a list of education boards in Odisha:

  1. Board of Secondary Education (BSE), Odisha
  2. Council of Higher Secondary Education (CHSE), Odisha
  3. Odisha State Open School (OSOS)
  4. Odisha State Board of Madrasa Education (OSBME)

Board of Secondary Education (BSE), Odisha

The Board of Secondary Education, Odisha (BSE) is a vital institution that conducts the High School Certificate (HSC) examination. This examination is equivalent to the Class 10 examination in other states.

BSE Odisha plays a pivotal role in evaluating the academic performance of students at the secondary level. The board also holds the responsibility of affiliating schools, prescribing syllabi, and conducting examinations.

Council of Higher Secondary Education (CHSE), Odisha

The Council of Higher Secondary Education, Odisha (CHSE) is another significant education board in the state. It administers the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination, which is equivalent to the Class 12 examination in other states.

CHSE Odisha is responsible for ensuring that the quality of education provided at the higher secondary level is up to the mark. The board conducts examinations, prescribes textbooks, and regulates the curriculum.

Odisha State Open School (OSOS)

For those who wish to complete their education through non-conventional means, the Odisha State Open School (OSOS) is the answer.

OSOS provides open and distance education options for students who may have missed out on regular schooling or prefer flexible learning. It offers a chance for learners to acquire essential knowledge and certifications through self-paced study.

Odisha State Board of Madrasa Education (OSBME)

The Odisha State Board of Madrasa Education (OSBME) plays a unique role in the educational landscape of the state. It is responsible for the regulation and promotion of Madrasa education.

Madrasas are institutions that offer Islamic education, and OSBME ensures that these institutions maintain educational standards while respecting their cultural and religious significance.

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