Odisha Cyclones: the Super Cyclone of 1999 to Amphan in 2020 -Timeline

Odisha Cyclones: Odisha has faced the wrath of cyclones almost every year since the devastating Super Cyclone of 1999, which killed over 10,000 people. In recent years, the state has been hit by several severe cyclones, including Phailin (2013), Hudhud (2014), Fani (2019), and Amphan (2020).

Odisha has a long history of being hit by cyclones. The list of cyclones that have hit Odisha since 1999 is long and includes some of the deadliest natural disasters in the region.

Odisha cyclones since the Super Cyclone of 1999
Odisha cyclones since the Super Cyclone of 1999 (Photo: IANS)

Let’s take a closer look at some of the cyclones that have left their mark on Odisha since the infamous 1999 Super Cyclone:

  1. The 1999 Super Cyclone: This catastrophic cyclone struck Odisha on October 29, 1999, leaving over 10,000 people dead and causing extensive devastation along the coast.
  2. Cyclone Phailin (2013): Making landfall near Gopalpur in Ganjam district, Cyclone Phailin disrupted power supply, communication, and transport systems, affecting 14,514 villages across 12 districts, including Ganjam, Puri, and Khordha.
  3. Cyclone Hudhud (2014): Hudhud’s landfall on the east coast of Vishakhapatnam on October 12, 2014, significantly impacted various parts of Odisha, bringing heavy rainfall, strong gale winds, and substantial structural damage. Reports indicated 22 fatalities and over 248,000 people affected.
  4. Cyclone Titli (2018): In October 2018, Cyclone Titli struck the southwest coast of Gopalpur, affecting eight districts in Odisha, including Ganjam, Gajapati, Khordha, Puri, Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapara, Bhadrak, and Balasore, causing extensive damage and resulting in over 60 casualties.
  5. Cyclone Fani (2019): This extremely severe cyclonic storm made landfall on the Puri coast on May 3, 2019, causing extensive damage estimated at over Rs 11,942 crore. It resulted in significant environmental destruction, claimed 64 lives, and affected 140,000 hectares of crop area.
  6. Cyclone Bulbul (2019): Despite making landfall near Sagar Island in West Bengal, Cyclone Bulbul caused substantial damage to agriculture in Odisha.
  7. Cyclone Amphan (2020): Cyclone Amphan, the costliest tropical cyclone recorded in the North Indian Ocean, passed along the Odisha coast before hitting the Sunderbans in West Bengal, affecting millions of people in numerous villages and urban areas.
  8. Cyclone Yaas (2021): Making landfall in Odisha in May 2021, Cyclone Yaas impacted around 60 lakh people in 11,000 villages, resulting in a loss of Rs 610 crore.
  9. Cyclone Gulab (2021): Cyclone Gulab, the first post-monsoon cyclone, affected coastal areas of south Odisha and north Andhra Pradesh in September 2021.
  10. Cyclone Jawad (2021): In December 2021, Cyclone Jawad weakened before reaching Odisha’s coast, resulting in heavy rainfall in coastal districts.

Odisha’s strength is being challenged in the face of these periodic disasters, but its people and infrastructure stand strong against the destructive forces of nature. It is a monument to their strength and constant desire to rebuild and recover, no matter what storms they faced.

YearCyclone Name
1999Super Cyclone
2013Cyclone Phailin
2014Cyclone Hudhud
2018Cyclone Titli
2019Cyclone Fani
2019Cyclone Bulbul
2020Cyclone Amphan
2021Cyclone Yaas
2021Cyclone Gulab
2021Cyclone Jawad

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